Who else is drinking a morning coffee?

Ever wonder which countries consume the most coffee? Or if you drink more coffee than the average Joe in your region? I’ve created a Viz to understand just that.

This is my first blog post on DoubleShotOfData.com where I will share beautiful and fun data visualizations. If you know me, you know I love coffee, so I figured no better way to start this blog than attempt to visualize data about coffee through latte art. Check out my first Viz below.

Click here OR the image above to view the Tableau workbook

The Data: I pulled together data from USDA coffee consumption data  (2017) and blended it with  Wikipedia UN population data (2017).

Design Techniques: A colleague Meera Patel encouraged me to make the design a bit more trendy by using a broken grid layout and weaving in some Serif font, both concepts from this excellent article on “19 web design trends for 2018” by John Moore Williams. You can also check out the color palette I created here.

Tableau References: The most challenging component of this Viz was the sunburst diagram I used to create “latte art.” Shoutout to Bora Beran for pioneering the Viz and Super Data Science for the video tutorial and reference workbook to help build it. And shout out to Connor Caldwell for helping tidy up some of the Tableau actions and formatting.

Thanks for reading!

Please like, share or comment and let me know your feedback and thoughts. 

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